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materials & care

Quality Materials. 

My collection is very intimate, born from a desire to honour our relationship with Mother Earth and shape new consumption habits more respectful of the world around us. 

Since 2006, I have been working closely with the same small gem and metal suppliers so I could hand-select all the materials and ensure the highest quality and ethical practices for your jewellery.  Each piece of jewellery is unique and created in my workshop, in the French Alps. I work alone and pride myself in taking great care in my craftsmanship to bring you high-quality, heirloom pieces that will last a joy-filled lifetime.

Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver.

I love gold-filled as it is extremely durable and a more sustainable alternative to gold with a similar appearance. It consists of 5% solid gold that is permanently bonded to the base metal (bronze/brass) with pressure and intense heat. Gold-filled jewellery has up to 100 times more gold than gold plated which makes it a much better choice in terms of longevity and durability.

All my sterling silver is 92.5% pure.

Hill Tribe Silver.

I fell in love with the beautiful Hill Tribe silver in 1998, when travelling for the first time to Thailand and since then, I have used it in my creations. 

The Akha, Iumien, Lisu and Karen are all Hill Tribe groups in Northern Thailand renowned for their silversmithing skills, using ancient techniques and a very high-quality form of silver ranging between 95-99.9%. This purity makes the Hill Tribe silver content higher than sterling silver (92.5%) and gives it a unique colour. Traditionally, the Hill Tribe groups are animists, so their beautiful artwork reflects their strong connection with nature spirits and their land.

Natural Gemstones.

The economic, political, environmental, and ethical issues to consider when buying coloured gemstones are extremely complex. Several gemstone producing countries have marked labour and environmental laws where we can buy safely. Other gemstones come from countries where small scale or artisanal mining practices are the most common. 

My crystals and pearls are sourced from all over the world, so I work one to one with suppliers I trust. They offer as much transparency as possible, encourage ethical practices and have a network of trusted sources, acquiring only gemstones with an unblemished history.

jewellery care

How to care for your precious talisman.

Your gems are generous and faithful companions who deserve to be treated with loving care. Here are a few tips to keep your relationship with your jewellery flourishing:

I suggest that you do not sleep, swim, shower, bathe or exercise with your gems to avoid a build-up of body oils and exposure to chemicals and minerals. Also, they do not enjoy taking part in household chores, gardening or sunbathing. Please, remember to apply lotions, creams and perfumes before you put your jewellery on. 

I recommend storing your jewellery individually, in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight (never in the bathroom, humidity will increase the tarnishing of precious metals). Do not hang your necklaces or bracelets to prevent stretching over time. To prevent tangles and scratches, store each jewel individually. Please, be aware of hard surfaces, they can be fatal for your gems if dropped or knocked. When travelling, use a protective jewellery pouch.

Silver and gold-filled may oxidise over time. Please, do not use a polishing liquid on your jewellery or submerge in polishing/cleaning chemicals of any kind. Instead, use a jewellery polishing cloth (one is enclosed with your order). Place your piece of jewellery flat on a soft textile, hold it with one hand and using the other hand, buff gently the precious metal with the cloth, avoiding contact with the gems. After use, wash hands and store your cloth. It can be used multiple times.

Clean your gems and pearls with a clean, soft, damp, untreated cloth. Do not use hot water or an ultrasonic cleaner. A last recommendation: pearls need to be worn regularly so they don’t dehydrate and lose their lustre. Do not keep them in a dark compartment or safety box. 

energy clearing

How to clear your gems.

My workshop and gemstones are cleansed energetically on a regular basis and blessed with positive intentions and Ho’oponopono. The same process applies before your jewellery is shipped so you can establish a unique connection between yourself and your jewel.

You will need to keep clearing your gems from time to time as excess energy will eventually build up, disturbing their vibration and therefore their efficiency in working with you and supporting your needs. There are many ways to cleanse the energy of crystals but not all are suitable to the delicate nature of certain gems and precious metals.

Please avoid exposing your jewellery to salt, sunlight, moonlight or water. Instead, use the following methods which are not damaging to the gems and precious metals:

-Smudging (letting the gems pass through the smoke) with white sage, cedar or palo santo. 

-Sound (my favourite way of cleansing and one of the most effective methods), using a tuning fork or a singing bowl. The sound vibrations help dissolve any negative energy and restore the harmony of the crystals.

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