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Valentine's Day, Gemstones and Love.

Valentine’s day is a celebration of two souls coming together, the union of two lovers but in my eyes it’s also celebrating those you love and want to thank for being in your life and support you. But what about self-love? How can you love others fully, if you don’t completely love and accept yourself as you are? And this is what most of us struggle with, accepting who we are, giving ourselves nurturing and kindness, all the love we generously give others but don’t necessarily feel we ourselves deserve…

Pink Topaz and Freshwater Pearls Necklace

This of course is deep work as it is rooted in our childhood and past experiences but being aware is a step forward towards healing. There are many ways we can improve our relationship with ourself. For many of us using energy medicine would have amazing results. I found EFT (emotional freedom technique) also known as tapping, extremely effective and would recommend with no hesitation Nick Ortner’s book ‘the tapping solution’ and his tapping app, which will help you make daily progress. For those who have experienced deep traumas, please make sure you are accompanied on your healing journey by a qualified therapist.

My passion is deeply rooted in the depth of Mother Earth. Crystals are my favourite therapy, my earth and water magic. Their amazing properties come from their unique frequency and energy field. According to Judy Hall, the crystal specialist, "they act like tuning forks," helping bring harmony to the "very unstable energy field of the human body". This is the reason why many years ago, I chose to create jewellery with gemstones, I felt their very positive impact on my life and wanted to share this experience with my clients.

Pink Topaz Earrings

So, how do you bring more love into your life? Pink gemstones are well known to help open the heart chakra. Their beautiful and compassionate energy is deeply healing and nurturing. They know how to make us feel safe, allowing us to give and receive unconditional love. However, after so many years of practice, I realised that all gems have a specific mission and guidance to offer human beings and many wish to helps us attune with love and compassion.

Trust your intuition when choosing a crystal, you are better qualified than anybody else to select the right one for your needs. Once you’ve found your gem, hold it in your hands, sit comfortably in a quiet room, breathe deeply for 5 minutes and connect with your stone. Allow its resonance enter your energy field, balance your physical, mental and emotional needs. Finally, ask for its guidance, you’ll be amazed…

This selection of unique jewels will help you unveil the language of Love from minerals to your Soul: 



Nick Ortner, ‘The tapping solution’, book and app.

Judy Hall, ‘The little book of crystals’.


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