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What is healing and how can we embrace it?

I have always been a big fan of Louise Hay and her publishing company. Hay House hosts the most wonderful authors from spirituality to self-improvement books. For the past 30 years Louise Hay and the authors at Hay House have been the most wonderful inspiration, helping me to understand and accept myself.

A few days ago, I was listening to Rebecca Campbell speak at the Hay House summit ‘You can heal your life’ and her words truly resonated with me. She mentioned how in the new age and wellness industry, there is an over emphasis on the healed state, being the state to get to, rather than the healing process. Rebecca added that ‘being part of nature, we are always changing as no part of nature is ever in a fixed state of perfection. Therefore, we are always healing because we are always changing and change is the most natural thing in the world.’

This is very powerful as it allows us to invite our wholeness despite our imperfections as when we seek the healed state, we want perfection, perhaps even enlightenment. I believe, this is not why we came to earth, we came to experiment, embrace our shadows and grow our soul through life choices and relationships. We need to change this perception as healing being a destination to get to, rather than a process to embrace so we can feel whole and worthy.

Our connection with Spirit and nature is essential to this healing process. This why I love gems so much, they possess Mother Earth powerful energy, wisdom and grace. I am so grateful to have the ability to feel their essence and hear their loving guidance through my creative process and meditation to support the wearer of the jewellery piece on her/his unique life’s journey.


I am always amazed at the beautiful, kind and supportive message of each piece of jewellery. Gems truly want to guide us towards our highest good and potential.

Discover some of the fascinating messages…


‘…We are Divine Healers. We are the Ocean’s Seers. We bring healing to your Soul and courage to your Heart, opening a new path filled with trust, joy and excitement…’


‘…We are the union of Sky, Earth and Water, encouraging you to flow freely towards your joy by breaking off your old chains…’


‘We came to help you reveal your magnificence, to encourage you to step into the Light and shine your Grace for all to see…’


'...Let our energy fill you with strength and guide you on a path in harmony with your Heart and Soul. Breathe in and connect with our cleansing force...'


‘We come to you with great joy, compassion and gratitude. Our love is as deep as the source we come from and our strength greater than the highest peak…’


‘Mother Earth is within us, we possess the strength of the mountains, the beauty of the lakes and the joy of spring flowers…’



Louise Hay, ‘You can heal your life’. 


Hay House Audio app ‘Empower You’.




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